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Google Ads Performance Review - Free Workshop + Tools. Spot Issues and Save Money. 

Anyone who attends this workshop will understand where their Google ads account is going right or wrong and be in a position to drive change and boost ROI.  No Google Ads technical knowledge required.

Spot Errors and Save Money

This webinar is designed for marketing directors, marketing managers, business owners and anyone else with responsibility for Google ads performance but who lacks a comprehensive knowledge of how Google Ads works.

By the end of the webinar you will be able to conduct a performance review on your own Google ads account, using our own in-house performance review tool for free, and be in a position to make positive and informed change.

You'll Learn

How Google rates your account - why it matters and how to improve
If your money is being spent inefficiently and where you can improve

Opportunities that you are missing out on - how many more conversions could you be getting
Who your main competitors are in Google ads and how you perform relative to them

How to take what you've learned from the free tool to drive positive change and boost ROI





Wayland Coles has been working in PPC since Google Ads was launched in 2003.  Having looked at thousands of Google Ads accounts over the years, he's brought together some of the most useful metrics  into a tool that anyone can use and understand when analysing how well a Google Ads account is being run.

Presented by Wayland Coles, MD of Atomic Leap - PPC Veteran of 18 years

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Date: Thursday, January 19th, 2023
Time: 11am GMT
Duration: 1 Hour
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